Brazilian riots reasons

Brazil has many problems. Among them, inflation rates are increasing, brazilian GDP is lower than other BRICS and latin american countries, central government is using a public company (Petrobras) to keep gasoline domestic prices under market ones (trying to control inflation) and destroying its value. Investments are low, investors are not confident. Education investments are so low we don’t have enough professionals to occupy open positions in the companies. And most of the people can’t pay for education.

Besides economic problems, president Dilma’s party (PT) is known by many corruption and crime cases since its first administrations in brazilian city governments. In some of these cities, PT mayors were murdered while corruption cases were under investigation.

Some time after Lula (PT) was elected president (2002), corruption was discovered in central government. But brazilian citizens are obliged to vote. In 2006 Lula was very popular in North and Northeast regions, the poorest ones and with the biggest social matters. Social programs gave him high popularity and improved the domestic consumption. That improved the economy and defended us from 2008 crisis. And these programs reelected Lula. Continuar lendo